Who is the person behind calc.pw?

calc.pw is a project by Kenneth Newwood. He can be contacted through his blog, Facebook, Twitter and XING. He has worked as an IT security architect for an IBM subsidiary since he completed his studies in cooperation with IBM Germany. Currently he is working as a system architect for a printing company located in Berlin.

calc.pw is a pure free time project and is not related to his everyday work. The first version of a password calculator named PassCalc is available since 2010 and is used by him since then. By moving its functionality to a dedicated hardware the computer was meant to be eliminated as an attack vector when it comes to the actual password generation.


  1. Why calc.pw?
  2. How does calc.pw work?
  3. How do I have to enter the information?
  4. How does the password generation work?
  5. How was calc.pw built?
  6. How was calc.pw programmed?
  7. What is that about these keyboard layouts?
  8. Who is the person behind calc.pw?
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