Password Keyboard is a hardware project that connects between the keyboard and the computer. Its password mode allows you to easily generate as many passwords as you need. To do so it uses a master password that is entered through the keyboard on startup. When a new password is needed you switch to the password mode with a certain key combination and enter an information. That information can be dependent on the service you need a password for (like "twitter", "e-mail", "banking"). With the master password and the information the actual password is generated. When entering the same master password and the same information you will always get the same password. Thanks to that you no longer have to remember all those passwords anymore. And as is implemented in hardware viruses and trojans on your computer cannot intercept the data that are used to generate your passwords.


  1. Why
  2. How does work?
  3. How do I have to enter the information?
  4. How does the password generation work?
  5. How was built?
  6. How was programmed?
  7. What is that about these keyboard layouts?
  8. Who is the person behind
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