Standard View

Secure passwords.

The number of your user accounts increases daily. A separate password is required for each account. Using passwords more than once is insecure. Password databases are stored in the cloud or require complex backups. offers an alternative: From a single master password and an easily derivable information like your username or the web address, any number of passwords can be generated - simple, local and secure based on the established crypto algorithms AES-256 and SHA-256.

By entering the same master password and the same information calculates the same password again. There is no need to backup passwords or synchronize them through the cloud.

Secure passwords. Always and everywhere.

Extended View

Any complexity.

The complexity of the generated passwords can be configured individually:

‚Ė™ÔłŹ Passwords can have a specified length

‚Ė™ÔłŹ Passwords can contain only specified characters

‚Ė™ÔłŹ Passwords can contain mandatory character groups

The character set of the password is easy to define: Character groups such as numbers (0-9), upper case letters (A-Z) and lower case letters (a-z) are quickly entered. Special characters such as !*# can be added easily. Does the password have to contain every character group? Just activate a switch and all specified character groups will be enforced!

The set complexity can be used for a single password or saved as the default for all future passwords. Passwords as individual as their user.

Any complexity. Once or every time.

QR Code Generation

Scan instead of type.

Someone else needs a password from you? Typing it is too error-prone or tedious?

Then generate a QR code and simply have it scanned! Transferring passwords to other devices has never been easier. Locally, without the cloud and without a network connection. Having a camera is enough.

Scan instead of type. Thanks to QR codes.

FaceID and TouchID

Biometrically protected.

Hand over your own device and still be protected - thanks to biometric protection! locks itself automatically in the background after 60 seconds. Unlocking is done biometrically via Face ID or Touch ID. In case of an error, unlocking is also still possible through the device PIN.

Biometrically protected. With Face ID or Touch ID.

Locked Interface

Always with you.

Whether on iPhone, iPad or MacBook with Apple Silicon: your passwords are always with you. is compatible with all Apple Silicon devices. Using the same master password and information, the generated passwords are always identical. On any device - new or old. The same security measures take effect everywhere.

The source code of is freely available. You can check what the application does and how it does it. For emergencies, there is also a PHP implementation of that can run in any Linux or macOS environment. Whatever happens to your work devices: Your passwords are never lost!

Always with you. Always available.

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